UnTwelve announces 2011 Microtonal Composition Competition

For my fellow microtonal composers:

UnTwelve announces 2011 Microtonal Composition Competition


Chicago, IL – UnTwelve is pleased to offer our third annual competition for composers in the budding field of new tunings, temperaments, and microtonality. The competition welcomes new works of recorded music which reflect the potential of using tunings systems and temperaments other than 12-tone equal temperament.

    First prize is $500.00

(USD); we will also recognize

    2nd prize ($250)


    3rd prize ($150)

finalists. A new category of Performance Awards has been added this year in partnership with MicroFest. Works for solo retuned digital piano will be eligible to receive a premiere performance and CD recording by virtuoso pianist Aron Kallay as part of MicroFest 2012 in the Los Angeles area.

I hope you decide to enter and good luck!


(disclaimer: The contest is international and open to persons of all ages, except board members or direct affiliates to UnTwelve. )

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