The Good Boundless

This is a collaboration between William Newbold (Lyrics) and myself called The Good Boundless. I believe it was Gene Ward Smith who pointed out that this piece, completely in a whole tone scale qualified as “macro” tonal 6 edo. I’m not sure the hobnox site exists anymore. It is still there! It is kind of a cool site where you string together widgits in your browser that creates music. Since I could not do anything microtonal on the site I came up with using the whole tone scale and that is how this piece began.

The Good Lifeless has Become Boundless
such that it is written,
went where and windly
with pentacles of pie
like know our way
down the screem
when we find what it
is that can been and be we of their

2 tracks of hobnox drum machines
2 tracks of hobnox sequencers
2 tracks of bass
2 tracks of sax
2 tracks of stratocastor electric guitar
1 track mustang electric guitar
1 track choir
4 tracks vocal

(sax and choir is the Roland GR-20)

Lyrics by Ice9 (William Newbold)

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