The Fallen of Kleismic[15]


The Fallen of Kleismic[15] is a progressive improvisation that records me exploring this new tuning provided by Jake Feivald who describes it as:

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The Kleismic[15] scale presented here was generated from 14\53, and is a strictly proper MOS scale. (Someone else can tell me what the specific name is: Keemun?) There are nine perfect fifths and ten 5/4 major thirds; the remaining major thirds are close-to-just 9/7s. Although 53 EDO doesn’t temper out 49/48 using the patent val, this *tuning* feels like it does: It has 249-cent intervals that are between 8/7 and 7/6, and has several 951-cent minor sevenths. You can think of it, therefore, as using the 53d val <53 84 123 148 | instead of the patent val <53 84 123 149 |. There's no mode in which you can build a major chord on 1/1, 4/3, and 3/2. You can have I-IV and then a supermajor third and no fifth on V, or you can have I-V and no 4/3 fourth at all. That supermajor third might make a really nice leading tone. ! C:\Freivald\music\Tuning\scales\kleismic[15].scl ! Kleismic[15], using 14\53 as a generator. 15 ! 67.92452 135.84904 203.77356 316.98113 384.90565 452.83017 520.75469 633.96226 701.88678 769.81130 837.73582 950.94339 1018.86791 1086.79243 2/1 note: the C7 sounds like an excellent chime chord. I wasn't too melodic so I should revisit this.

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  1. Michael Kasper says:

    Dear Chris,

    This is a very interesting piece. This tuning is very unique as well. Thanks for composing it and trying this special tuning.



  2. schrodingasdawg says:

    I randomly came across this while looking for music in 53edo. I’m impressed; it’s a gorgeous piece.

    The microtonal theory jargon tends to go over my head though. I’m gonna have to sit down one day and just try to figure out what it all means.

  3. admin says:

    Thank you for the comment!

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