The Cage by Charles Ives => Jazz Iteration 4

Charles Ives wrote a number of excellent art songs during the years he was actively composing. Presented here is an adaptation of one of his art songs, The Cage, from 1906 written for piano / vocal transcribed to modern Jazz Ensemble using Garritan Jazz and Big Band sample set + Garritan Personal Orchestra choir plus two added audio tracks – voice and guitar.

Here are the lyrics

A leopard went around his cage
from one side back to the other side;
he stopped only when the keeper came around with meat;
A boy who had been there three hours
began to wonder, “Is life anything like that?”

2 Responses to “The Cage by Charles Ives => Jazz Iteration 4”

  1. Jason says:

    This is fantastic. Thanks! Love your site.

  2. Gerald says:

    I just discovered this. I recently performed the song and hearing your version, I have a much better sense of the musical potential of the harmony. Thanks for sharing online!

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