The Bohlen-Pierce Epiphone Roadie Guitar

052-crop Newly Fretted and Placed BP fingerboard from Matthew Dolmage who cut and slotted the board, I fretted it.

The Bohlen-Pierce Epiphone Roadie Guitar is a short improvisation on my newly made BP guitar. I tuned the open strings to frets on the guitar (like you would a 12 equal guitar) but at different frets as an adjustment to what I tuned by ear. The Epiphone Roadie (which had a bad low E intonation) was a $30 used half-scale guitar from Guitar Center which has now fulfilled its microtonal destiny.


2 Responses to “The Bohlen-Pierce Epiphone Roadie Guitar”

  1. Bobby Lee says:

    Nice. Sounds very dominant, even diminished. I suppose that’s because a 4-fret interval is a tritone. The trick is learning to resolve it into a more stable chord.

  2. admin says:

    Bobby Lee, I look forward to hearing your Bohlen-Pierce counterpoint.


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