Sunday’s Aeolian Harp Sounds (Harmonic Series)

Aeolian Harp detail

Aeolian Harp detail

Hello, I present two aeolian harp samples – one from a more energetic morning session (10 to 15 mph wind) and another from a more relaxed afternoon session (5 to 10 mph wind). Both are roughly 20 minutes in length – this is to give the listener a feel for what its like to listen to the aeolian harp live with all of the fickleness of the interaction of wind and string. In the picture is detail of a prepared harp session with a piece of masking tape on one string a a lead fishing weight on another. That will be presented later. I hope you enjoy this aural impression of nature.

These are large files and will take some time to load before playing – or hit the play all at the bottom of the page to stream.

Sunday Morning Session

Sunday Afternoon Session

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