Stop Sign for Bill

Yesterday Debbie and I fulfilled a request of my friend Bill and video recorded me playing various traffic control signs with a violin bow.
I didn’t of course use a good bow – I used one that I repaired with a dowel so it does look a bit funny – but functional in any case. I think I can say this music is non-octave and microtonal.

Stanley ferret gets a cameo where the video camera was turned off by accident.

I took samples of about 8 of the sign sounds, cut them up and loaded them into Kontakt and improvised in 17 equal.

Signage Preludium

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  1. […] in the Cellar is a piece for piano, percussion, and processed street signs in 17 edo. The street sign sounds represent my first foray into making a pitched Kontakt sample set […]

  2. Hi Chris!

    I am working on a live puppet show right now in San Diego. There is a scene where a bird lady puppet flies into the sky. I would love to use 15 seconds of your post on Sound is Art where you bowed traffic signs. It would be a lead in sound and beautiful!

    Please let me know your thoughts! Thank you!



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