Still Life in 106 Notes Per Octave

IMG_3164rs_color Photo of painting by Chris Vaisvil

Still Life in 106 Notes Per Octave is inspired by Dolores Catherino’s videos of her “laboratory” which contains a multitude of alternate controllers and features “polychromatic music” in this tuning which has ~11 cent steps – 11 cents is about 2 to 3 times the average limit of perception of a change in pitch. This improvisation was performed on a Linnstrument.

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  1. b0b says:

    That’s really beautiful, Chris. How do you create music like this?

  2. admin says:

    Hi b0b, thank you for your kind words! Since this is an improvisation the performance relied a lot on listening and adjusting the notes I played. Also I forgot to arm my track the first time so this was a second improvisation. Typically I record the first improvisation. That being said I went into the recording you hear here with some idea of fingerings that worked. The rest is a matter of my personal taste I suppose. Thank for your comment and I hope I answered your question a bit.

  3. b0b says:

    What instrument do you use for these improvisations?

  4. admin says:

    I used my Linnstrument this time – I should have noted that. My apologies for neglecting that. Corrected!

  5. Really nice! I was looking for about a minute of audio to mate to a minute a slow-mo video of our dog playing in the first snow of 2016. This works perfectly! Any chance I could get a link to the audio and permission to thereby create a derivative work? Happy to provide attribution. The video is definitely NC (no YouTube ads).

    Whether you reply in the affirmative or the negative, keep up the great work! I enjoy following you on G+.

  6. admin says:

    Hi Michael, yes you have my permission to use this in your video with an acknowledgment or link back. Please post a link when you are done because I’d love to see your video which sounds cool. There is a download link on the blog post – the name of the piece at the start of the text body.

  7. Here is the video sync’d to an excerpt of the piece:

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