Shanidar Cave (17 edo)

Erbil_governorate_shanidar_cave Date 3 August 2006 (original upload date)
Photographer JosephV at English Wikipedia

Shanidar Cave is a piece in 17 edo that features an electric 17 edo guitar and what is essentially an electric tanpura which ends up making this a sort of fusion of middle eastern and Indian music in a sense. The tanpura is the result of a the installation of a “sitar” buzzing bridge that was to make a spare strat copy into an electric sitar. It turned out to be so difficult to adjust the intonation I gave up and let it lay fallow for a couple years until I hit upon the tanpura idea recently – an instrument without frets and therefore without a need for intonation adjustment. The bridge was sold by eyb guitars for 125 euros. A photo of the bridge is below.

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