Keyboard Slope +35

Korg_MS2000 (truth in advertizing, that is NOT my set up.
The picture is from Wikipedia commons.)

Keyboard Slope +35 is a short piece in an unknown tuning (I don’t have time to do the obvious comparing to a known set of tunings this evening.). Consider it a proof of concept of using the MS2000 virtual patch to set a non-12 equal “slope” to the keyboard => the basic idea was found when answering a question about microtuning mu MS2000. Please excuse the pops – my synth is getting pretty old (+11 years) and has a forming bad solder joint at one of the outputs. I start off with a chromatic C-C’ in case someone with good pitch perception can identify the tuning. I do play with parameters as I go along.

The basic idea => Route [KBD TRACK] to [PITCH] in the VIRTUAL PATCH and set the intensity of the modulation to +35. The keyboard now plays in a non-12 tuning.

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