just another monday (by 2 in 22 and 12 equal)

A miner poses near the edge of the pit. The pit is more than three miles (5 km) long, two miles (3 km) wide and 535 feet (163 m) deep.

A miner poses near the edge of the pit. The pit is more than three miles long, two miles wide and 535 feet deep.

just another monday

feel indifference spreading
i feel it everyday
feel it in the sunshine
more so in the rain

humanity is null
just a past trait
falling into oblivion
at this current rate

just another monday
nothing ever changes
not enough good go’in round
our history has limited pages

i think about all the waste
of life and resources
making our planet swiss cheese
without any recourses

where is the love
what have we turned into?
now a helping hand
just might kill you

we think too much of ourselves
we let earth’s creatures die
what have we become?
why have we allowed it?

raping the earths resources
putting nothing back
making a big garbage heap
but we don’t give a frack

nature cries before us
through the oil and haze
we don’t give anything back
we continue on a robbing craze

i could plead to you
but most will not hear
we only live in the now
and no future is what i fear

it’s just another monday
just like any other day
cause nothing ever changes
and in the end we will pay

time’s running short my friends
we can see the changes come
whether it’s natural or not
we sure helped it some

why does selfishness and greed
dominate so much in our lives
not caring about where we live
not caring about future lives

just another tuesday
just another wednesday
just another thursday
just another friday
just another saturday
just another sunday
just another monday

“2” is a collaboration of Frank Miller (words, vocals, drums, bass) and Chris Vaisvil (guitars)

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  1. bill newbold says:

    Very Impressive Chris and Frank most excellent wordings, I am thinking there is not much of anything that would make the song any better… but a video ? or a slideshow of images relating to the words?,.. anyway very well controlled song with such out of control lyric’s ,, when is your cd going to hit the commercial venue ? this would make it big IMO.. —

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