Ives in 7 limit JI – #68 Ilmenau Over All the Treetops


Ilmenau Over All the Treetops is an adaptation of Ives’s setting of Goethe’s poem dated from 1902 in 7-limit JI. The vocal line is carried by a bassoon and the accompaniment is a combination of Soniccouture’s english theorbo and psaltery. The piece was transposed from E to C to take advantage of the xenharmonium retuning script, also from Soniccouture.

2 Responses to “Ives in 7 limit JI – #68 Ilmenau Over All the Treetops”

  1. thetworegs says:

    Nice piece Chris really liking that Bassoon…

  2. admin says:

    I’d be curious to hear what it would sound like with you singing Reg. Be looking in your email for a translation from the German and some practice tracks. You can decide if you want to take this on or not since it’s easy for me to send you the tracks.

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