I Play The Wind (aeolian harmonic series guitar, bass, psaltery)

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I Play The Wind

Using my DIY 23 edo guitar, DIY electric cello, and DIY electric psaltery I recorded the wind playing these instruments after they were tuned in just intonation or harmonic series relationships. Adding to the harmonic series nature of this composition is the fact that the aeolian does not sound the fundamental – so what you hear are only harmonics of the strings. To create this composition I complied about 8 hours of 44.1kHz 24-bit recordings, noise reduced, selected sections and sequenced in Sonar X3. After I finished with the audio I paired it up with time lapse video I took of the sky. Doing this in my spare time, making recordings and processing them into a composition took several days of work.

DIY electric psaltery
DIY electric cello
23 edo DIY stick guitar
Samples you can use

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