Fretless Classical Guitar Improvisation


Fretless Classical Guitar Improvisation – to be honest I didn’t think the guitar was going to have as much sustain on fingered notes as it did and I ended up having quite a bit of fun playing with various JI intervals and a touch of 24 edo. The guitar cost only $20 at my local Guitar Center because it had Grateful Dead stickers plastered over it, perhaps in an attempt to hide the slight impact on the soundboard. But for that price I can remove stickers, live with cracks and gleefully remove the frets. This will probably end up being a harmonic series fretted guitar. I just put on new strings the day before so I have to tune the guitar a little here and there during the performance. The tuning I used is a modified Dante Rosati tuning of CGCGCC – the duplicated C’s on top are because the high tension string set just wouldn’t make the high G without breaking. Luckily breakage is a lot easier to deal with on a classical. You can see from the above pictures that I back filled the kerfs (fret slots) with plastic wood and sanded. It looks sloppy but that excess is actually filling in the slight dents in the wood – I used a straight edge to remove the excess plastic.

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