DIY Temporary Cable Tie Guitar Frets version 2

audio of the last bit

Here are a series of video clips using the guitar I posted the picture of earlier. Yeah it kind sounds like straight blues – but you can clearly see the xen-ness in the different between the cable tie positions and the back-filled fret slots (kerfs). This is not supposed to be mind blowing or anything – just showing that it sounds pretty good for a $40 guitar (or was it $30?) and a couple bucks worth of cable ties. Download the full quality video here.

Credit goes to Mo refined the cable tie idea even further. “Notes: To get the zip ties to sit flat, I used needle-nose pliers to pinch the part on the right edge of the neck to create a sharper angle; then I braced the locking edge and pulled the end tight with the needle-nose pliers. After further experimentation, I decided to alter the zip ties to make the part that sits on the neck thinner — that way there was much less “fret” buzz. I simply took a solid pair of scissors and trimmed up the middle of the ties before tying them. (I kept the outer end as wide as I could, so the locking mechanism would still work, then cut much narrower when I reached the part that sits over the neck.)”

He has some music with his cable ties available here:

His main article (caution there is 30 second wait) :

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