DIY Erhu (or do you say Ehru?)




This is the initial construction of my Ehru or is it Erhu? – whatever the correct spelling may be the actual Chinese instrument has a python skin for the resonator cover and two strings. What I’ve done here is used a kilogram sized coffeemate container (HDPE #2 plastic) and a single D string from an electric guitar. A small sharp wood chisel was used to cut into the plastic container. Removing the container cap makes the sound a bit brighter and louder. The bridge is a 5 string banjo bridge I saw at a local music store got $8.50. The stick came from a oak picture easel with half of its parts missing from Goodwill for $5 which included the wing nut and bolt and predrilled hole which I used to help secure the stick. Small holes in the stick that allow the string to pass through but not the ball are used to secure the string opposite the bridge. The zither pin I used is from from EMI . Right now the zither pin does double duty as a nut as well. I have two sound examples bowed
and plucked.

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3 Responses to “DIY Erhu (or do you say Ehru?)”

  1. Wilhelm Matthies says:

    Sounds good Chris. You are all set to make some pieces now!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Wilhelm, yes I think so. What I intended to do is to use a marker and mark up where some just intervals are at and maybe write and record a duet. That should be doable. I only hope I can develop vibrato. That defeated me with violin (besides having huge fingers). The sound is a bit bland to my ears without the vibrato. Thanks for the listen and comment!

  3. Sevish says:

    Erhu, and it sounds like ‘are who’. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cool project, I might pick up one of these instruments before I leave China.

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