Dedication is a piece for Alto Flute plus an electronic accompaniment (in old time parlance “tape”) in 24 edo (quartertone aka 24 et). Thank you Amy Shankland for providing the voice and also Vox Novus for commissioning this piece. The score is here – if you are interested in performing this piece you can contact me and I will supply the accompaniment for you. If you look at the score you will see that the percussion and effects are not “explicitly” written out. That is because I am availing myself of the samples in the Kontakt packages I purchased. However, the synthesizer and synthesized piano scordatura are accurate.

And the princes bring near the dedication of the altar in the day of its being anointed; yea, the princes bring near their offering before the altar.

And Jehovah saith unto Moses, `One prince a day — one prince a day — do they bring near their offering for the dedication of the altar.’

Numbers 7:10. 7:11 Young’s Literal Translation of the Bible

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