Collection of Selected Works

This is a collection of selected works for some friends.

Simple Gifts featuring Bethan Mathis, arr. by Aaron Copland
Centaur’s Pasture
Excluded by Peers
Father Knows Best
Layla and Majnun
Ediacaran Garden
After Creation
Prelude for a Centaur Tuned Piano
Lost Realm of Gondolin
Godzareh Depression
Hammer Dulcimer
Broken Wing Seagull
Watching it Snow
Seagull with a Chip
A Tritone Past Midnight
Stately Wood and Wind
Irene Blue
The Future of Uncertainty
Francesca Grooves for Saint Francis featuring Norm Harris

Talking to God (video)

And I can’t resist adding this one too. Not So Much as One of Them

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