Casting Doubt Aside

Casting Doubt Aside is a piece for solo electric slide guitar with effects. The graphic below shows the Melodyne tuning analysis of what I tuned to by ear. The effects are provided by Guitar Rig 5.The photo above was taken by me.

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  1. b0b says:

    When I got my first lap steel, I tuned it A C# E G# B E. I tuned by ear using harmonics – essentially a JI system. I spent this first month just marveling at the sound as I slid the bar up and down the neck, listening to the feedback at the harmonic points.

    Pedal steel, the slide guitar’s nerdy cousin, is often tuned JI.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the comment b0b – here is a link to b0b’s site for the interested.

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