8 edo Improvisation


8 edo Improvisation electronic with choir.

3 Responses to “8 edo Improvisation”

  1. bill wesley says:

    In my opinion this piece is spectacular, I especially like the near subaudio reed sounds which are a type of timbre that ought to be used WAY more often in music, where you can hear every single cycle even up to 50 or 60 HZ super clearly. I was told “8 EDO is useless for harmony” by quite a few people, then I tried it and thought “wow, this is SCARY” Scary is not useless, far from it, scary is central to many forms of music and very valuable. If timbre is selected to counteract scary 8 EDO can even be pleasant. I’d love to do a light show to this piece, one of the best examples of haunting 8 EDO ever.

  2. bill wesley says:

    Oh, also the geode is amazing too (never seen one like it) and perfect to represent the piece, were it a slide I’d use it in the light show as a signature image

  3. admin says:

    Hi Bill, if you ever have opportunity to do the light show for this piece you certainly have my permission! I’d love to see a video of it. The geode is one I saw and photographed at the Smithsonian which has an awesome mineral and gem collection.

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