17 ET Jazz

This is a hybrid performance / scored piece using Kontakt 3, pianoteq, sonar 8.5, and a Korg MS2000 as a midi controller.

Kontakt contributes drums, upright bass, sax section, and trumpet.

Pianoteq 2.3 contributes the jazz piano.

The drums were scored first, bass second and then other instruments played along with that. The goal was to keep the composition to 60 seconds or less since this is a submission to the Chicago 60×60 event (not selected at this time).

The main motive is a 17 ET analog to a suspended 4th to major 3rd in common practice 12 edo tuning.

This composition was selected by Vox Novus for the 60×60 event that premiered at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. After that event the composition was played at many international cities in 2010 as part of the 60×60 Untwelve mix tour.

MP3 file

OGG file

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