wind farm in 19 equal temperament (video)

wind farm in 19 equal temperament is a pseudo raga played on a 19 equal guitar using slide for the melody and the same guitar plus synthesizers for the drone. The video and stills of a wind farm were taken by me during a recent trip.

audio only
full quality video

2 Responses to “wind farm in 19 equal temperament (video)”

  1. Bill Newbold says:

    Great video and song,.. The 19 edo has a normal kinda groove to it. As it doesn’t sound in the microtonal abstract like mode,.. Or are my ears so microtonally numb that it, is that way,..

  2. admin says:

    Hi Bill, yes, 19 edo is considered the next logical step in tunings by many – it improves on 12 equal and still allows one to recognizably play existing music while adding 7 extra notes to use. It can even use the “normal” staff. With 19 C and F have a non-enharmonic flat and A flat and G sharp are two different notes (and all of the other accidentals follow suite).

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