What Are You Looking For? – selected 60×60 (2012) Composer Concordance Mix entry

60×60 (2012) Composer Concordance Mix – try to attend a live performance! This piece premiered in NYC on 11/30/2012

3 ) What Are You Looking For? by Chris Vaisvil
Entry notes
This is a piece uses sequenced samples in various harmonic series segments that tries to evoke a sense of the tragedy of post modern contemporary temporal musical displacement within a larger structure of the implication of instantaneous quantum entanglement with spooky action at a distance as informed by Schoenberg’s theory of tonal harmonic regions taken to the obvious xenharmonic conclusion as a partial differential solution to the problem of American political polarization. Please use ears.

Additional notes added today:
The tuning is a 24 note harmonic series segment suggested by Denny Genovese for the piano and the Kontakt provided over / undertone series tuning preset for the choir. The short length was a result of the requirement that the submission was to be less than or equal to 60 seconds long. Note that this was a microtonal piece that made its way into a conventionally tuned 12 equal set.


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