Walking, Again, the Mountian

Hello, I write this from my hospital bed. I went to the Xenharmonic Praxis Summer Camp and came down with a wicked case of the strep throat that started to move into my lungs. at that point I went into the hospital since I nearly died from pneumonia a few years ago. As a result this piece will probably not be performed tonight. It is a bit ambitious in the sense that I combine two tuning systems, 17 notes per octave and 10 notes per octave, and then back to 17 in ABA form. The text is from a poem someone wrote on the ceiling of the farmhouse dining area of the Gesundheit! Institute. So, since I do not have real voices you’ll to imagine the singing a bit. Of course in keeping with the way things work in my life – the doctor just released me. Which makes sense because I could not have written this post yesterday.

Walking, Again, the Mountain

Walking, again, the Mountain (ensemble)
Safely through my Dreams (ensemble)
Spirit hand to guide me (solo soprano)
Understanding, within my means (ensemble)

Praying besides the Waters (ensemble)
Touch eternal Cave (ensemble)
Spirit-moved, Full circle (solo soprano)
Pass this way once more, once more (ensemble with imitation)

Crying through the Darkness (ensemble)
Tucked against the Hill (ensemble)
Spirits gently breathing (solo soprano)
Fire Burns within me, in me still (ensemble)

score part 1

score part 2
score part 3

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