wakalix tuning survey

This is the instrument I used with pianoteq to perform the improvisational survey.

blackopkeegil1           blackopkeegil1.mid           scala file

prism           prism.mid           scala file

hppshq           hppshq.mid           scala file

meansqunumigpopmo           meansqunumigpopmo.mid     scala file

domdimpajinjschis            domdimpajinjschis.mid           scala file

godmeankeeflat1           godmeankeeflat1.mid           scala file

This is a survey of about maybe a fifth (at this time) of wakalix and superwakalix tunings devised by Gene Ward Smith and Carl Lumma (others?). The midi files *require* the use of the corresponding scala files in order to reproduce the pitches heard in the mp3s. These are raw unedited improvisations created to give a quick hearing of the tunings I tried.

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  1. Michael Kasper says:

    Dear Chris,

    Interesting tunings and pieces. Thanks for sharing!



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