Vale of Dreams by Charles Griffes

The composer

This is an animated score video of Charles Griffes’ impressionistic piano piece “Vale of Dreams”. Technically, Sonar X1, Pianoteq, Sony Vegas.

The full quality video (which is recommended to really see the score) is available here:

Just the music

I’ve had this midi file on my hard drive for quite sometime before I played and liked it. It does sound a lot like Debussy – for me that is not a bad thing.

From wikipedia:

Griffes is the most famous American representative of musical Impressionism. He was fascinated by the exotic, mysterious sound of the French Impressionists, and was compositionally much influenced by them while he was in Europe. He also studied the work of contemporary Russian composers (for example Scriabin), whose influence is also apparent in his work, for example in his use of synthetic scales.

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