Urbana Oddmusic Unconference!

I participated in the Urbana Oddmusic Microtonal Design Unconference which was put together by Andrew Heathwaite and Jacob Barton on Thursday April 21st 2011. I recorded video and audio of the entire day.

There were two parts to the day; lecture and then performance.


Audio of X. Jeff Scott’s lecture “Tuning and Timbre”

Download sized (240 MB) video of Jeff Scot’s lecture on “Tuning and Timbre”

Audio of Rob Scott’s Lecture “History of the Drum set

Downloadable video (208 MB) of Rob Scott’s Lecture “History of the Drum set

234 MB downloadable version of the video

For the music by itself see the following:

Performatorium April 21 2011

Paul performs 1952 Black Vincent Lightning

Snow Leopard reads his poem “No Ease”

Chris improvises on electrified 18 edo acoustic guitar

Steve plays Peter’s piece for harmonic french horn

Andrew plays Bucket of Roses in 22 edo


88 cent equal temperament blues band

Basically by Camille Euritt

Jacob performs Act One of a work in progress

Jacob (piano) and Chris (guitar) improvise in 17 edo

Poly Tuned Ensemble Jab

My Eyes are Drooping by Maggie Wallace

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  1. […] The French Horn is from Peter Thoegersen’s “Sit Up and Sit Down!” as performed in Urbana on 4/21/2011. The text is from an interview with a Japanese 3/11/2011 that struck me as an unusual observation: […]

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