Tuning Survey October 26th 2011

I tried some new tunings via improvisations that were touched up a bit after the fact.

Route 14 in Bridgetown is a piece for flute, bassoons, and contra-bassoon in Bridgetown 14 tuning.

While it mainly focuses on melody there are quite a few dyads and some triads. I found this tuning to have the unusual property of playing a whole tone scale but hearing something somewhat diatonic. All in all a very interesting and potentially very useful tuning. I could easily see composing an extended piece in this tuning and getting a variety of moods.

16 Slendric Virgins is a piece for celtic harp, wire strung harp and zitter in Slendric 16 tuning.

This tuning is capable of a lot more than I demonstrate. It has a nice feel to it.

The 11th Slendric Fanfare is a piece for French Horn ensemble in Slendric 11 tuning.

Once again this mode of Slendric is nice sounding, melodious with reasonable to good harmonies.

A slipstream update:

A Greeley Steals Halloween is a piece in Greeley 15 tuning that features several instances of Z3TA+ 2.1 and some assorted samples.

This tuning seemed to be harder than the others to bend to my will. Or perhaps that came from working with synthetic sounds… not sure at this point.

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