Tuning Survey from July 21 2010

Apparently when my site Not Only Music was taken down the following compositions were not ported over. Most are simultaneous tuning compositions and use a Fender Mustang with DoD FX-7 effects pedal in 12 equal plus a re-tuned Roland GR-20 simultaneously.

The Mouth Opens to Speak
in Bill Bremmer Shining Brow tuning and 12 edo

The Lumma Cryptic
in Boethiuss Chromatic tuning

immoderate moderations
in Gramham Breed blues scale in 22 edo plus 12 edo

untitled 1
in 12 edo and 17-limit quasi meantone in a major

untitled 2
in 12 tet Stellated out of 1 3 5 triany

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