Tragically Flawed (11 equal of the Tritave – nonoctave)

IMG_9194crop alas my windshield after a close encounter with either a branch or an extremely large wasp judging by the yellow.

Tragically Flawed is my impression of what I did here (and my windshield). I had some remote thoughts of using this to answer Sean’s call for microtonal with a beat works but realizing this has some seriously bad timing issues and I don’t have the time to to invest to fix said flaws it tragically has to sit out of the compilation… 11 equal of the Tritave (11 edt) is a rather cool nonoctave tuning that I think deserves more attention. Another piece in this tuning, Molly’s Playground, shows that this tuning has some versatility.

Tuning in scala format is as follows:

! E:\cakewalk\scales\11_of_tritave.scl
11 in tritave

2 Responses to “Tragically Flawed (11 equal of the Tritave – nonoctave)”

  1. I really like this one, Chris.

    This sound IS the micro-with-a-beat that I want more of. There’s something related to the Asian cultural postwar memory that I faintly perceive now in it. It may however be related to the fact that I just met up with the artist honeybear on soundcloud.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you very much Jacob! I was trying to convey a sense of being out of control.

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