Through the Fire of the Sun (15 edo rock band)

Through the Fire of the Sun is in 15 notes per octave, 2 guitars, fretless bass, drums, and vocals. It gets a bit chaotic in the middle, what can I say… My 15 edo guitar seems to lend itself to heavy music.

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  1. Robin Phillips says:

    Fantastic Chris; really like this a lot; 15EDO is such a cool tuning; I was pleased to see you got a 15EDO guitar; the middle sections great; I’ve liked a lot of your blues rock pieces; meantone17 & why I hate the blues are good 17EDO examples; Always keen to hear your stuff; keep up the good work

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Robin! I’m getting to be good friends with Mr. Porcupine – he is a good ax!

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