The Snow is Dancing (in Many Colors)

I decided I wanted to listen to some Debussy this morning and then went a bit overboard rendering The Snow is Dancing from Children’s Corner in various tunings. All rendered with pianoteq 3.6 and Sonar X1.

In Pythagorean tuning.

In 12 equal tuning.

In 11 notes to the tritave – mapped as 11 note scale.

In Bohlen-Pierce (as JI ratios) 13 notes to the tritave – mapped as 13 note scale.

2 Responses to “The Snow is Dancing (in Many Colors)”

  1. John Starrett says:

    Very nice. I am enjoying these. Are the pitches the ones closest to the 12 tet ones?

  2. admin says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the listen and comment. I am sorry – I don’t understand your question. Could you re-phrase it?



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