The Faith of Stanley Praimnath

“When Flight 11 struck the North Tower, Praimnath started to evacuate from his 81st floor office in the South Tower, but he returned when the building’s security guards told everyone the South Tower was secure, and they should return to their office. He did not realize, at that point, that a plane had struck the North Tower. Soon after reentering his office, he saw a United Airlines jet heading directly towards him. Right before impact, he dove under his desk and exclaimed, “Lord, I can’t do this! You take over!” The left wing sliced through his office and became lodged in a door twenty feet from him.[1] Praimnath was bruised and covered in debris after the crash which left him stuck and unable to escape on his own.” Cited from Wikipedia I suggest you read the rest of the story.

The Faith of Stanley Praimnath is for Sound-In. Seeing how this week’s event started on the anniversary of 9/11 I wanted to write a piece that made a statement about this tragic event. In researching for a photo I found a real life event of one man’s ordeal that day that says more than any photo. This composition is created exclusively with the new soft synth virtualCZ by Plugin Boutique using the supplied factory presets.

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  1. Incredible story. Almost hard to do it justice. Very nice, though.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you – I don’t think I did it justice, though the story should probably be better known. At least I had not heard of it until now.

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