The Composer’s Voice

The Composer’s Voice

This is a composition that uses indeterminacy with respect to pitch (and instruments but since this is one recording that doesn’t apply). However, all of the other musical elements are controlled. This performance occurred at the Xenharmonic Praxis Summer Camp on 7/28/11 and was performed by Stephen, Jacob, Ralph, and myself (Chris) in the art center. Please note that the other music [at the above link ] was a lot more, well, musical 🙂

We are the composer’s voice
The breath of life into the music of his soul.

We are a part of him and him apart of us
And we speak of the union
The union in this moment of our souls

Breathing life into the music
Making real the music
Making a bridge between us all

We are one in this moment of Time.

The score is pictured above

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