Talkin’ Smack on Xenharmonic Alliance

This is a composition for Jazz Quartet – Tenor Sax (sorry for the unrealistic stray notes), fretless bass, piano, and drums. All but the drums were preformed on my Fender Mustang + GR-20 retuned on the fly by Fractal Tune Smithy.

The tuning used is 9/8 C.I. comprised of 11:10:9:8 subharmonic series on 1 and 8:9:10:11 on 16/11 or explicitly:
17/16~ 9/8~ 19/16~ 29/23~ 4/3~ 17/12~ 3/2~ 19/12~ 37/22~ 16/9~ 17/9~ 2/1

Talkin’ Smack on Xenharmonic Alliance

Per the Urban Dictionary:

1. talking smack

An arrestable offense in Espanola, NM; one is said to be talking smack when using Mexican expletives in reference to the small-mindedness, arrogance and stupidity of police officers. Punishable by death in some South American and Middle Eastern countries, it is only enforced in the USA in Espanola, NM and Bumfukk, GA.
“Hey ma, come pick me up, this “coolon” is harrasing me”. This is an example of talking smack on the phone while an officer of the law is staring you down.

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