Survey of Tunings using a Roland GR-20

The other night I was able to use a new version of Fractal Tune Smithy which worked wonderfully as a relay tuner for my Roland GR-20.
I then did a survey of a small portion of the *vast* number of tunings in the scala library. Essentially I loaded an interesting tuning and tried to find some chordal or melodic something to base an improvisation on and if I could find something I tried it. A few of these improvisations didn’t get saved to saved – I captured the ones most interesting to me. Also, in this series I include several GR-20 patches including piano and sometimes an inboard effect from my Alesis mixer.

Unmelodic Chromatic genus of Aristoxenos Dorian Mode

Six Tone Triadic Cluster 4:5:6

harmonics 4 to 16 in 2 oct

Eight Tone Triadic Cluster 4:6:5

Graham Breed fourth based 12-tone keyboard scale

Clavichord tuning Giovanni Maria Artusi (1603) 1/4th-comma with mean semitones

13th root of e

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