Stuck in 19 Loops

Two pieces for 19 equal electric guitar verses 19 equal guitar loops. Wellington Tube

and Machu Picchu

One Response to “Stuck in 19 Loops”

  1. Michael Kasper says:

    Dear Chris,

    I think the Wellington tube is very interesting with some siren like sounds, like the use of feedback, the soft strumming, the nice lead guitar, and the sounds you create. I like your trills. Makes me think of Hendrix.

    I like the rhythmic pattern of Machu Picchu, a very nice subtle, but lovely trance like piece. I like the way your bass lines flow through the textures you have created. Very cool indeed! Sounds like a Gamelan backdrop with your psychedelic guitar coming through. Also, like the way you steer the feedback as well.

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