Sonata 1 Rendered in Piagui Tuning

I received this morning a request from Mario Pizarro to hear one of my compositions in his Piagui tuning. Since we are having company today I am short on time and decided to render my Sonata 1 in pianoteq using his Piagui tuning which is slightly different from 12 equal. (details of the tuning below)

Piano Sonata 1 rendered in Piagui Tuning

The story behind the piece – this piece has the kitchen sink and more in it because this was the result of for the first time getting my hands on a midi editor that used the grand staff – so I poured some 20 years of ideas out into the composition. It is not always coherent and at times not playable by a two handed person. But nonetheless I kind of like it because of the musical ideas I included like quartal and quintal harmony, clusters, several simultaneous dynamic levels defining polyphonic voices and so on.


! C:\Cakewalk\scales\12edo.scl

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  1. The piece sounds cannot be compared with Sonata 1 in 12 tet, it is not possible to do it here. The work is listened satisfactorily as happened with the recording I received on March 13. Since among the 12 major chords six of them have -4 cents in one of their three tone components, it is certain that the inserted -4 cent differences are the threshold between detectable and not detectable tone frequency difference regarding the same tone in 12 tet tuning. Therefore, some listeners wouldn´t ear much difference between the piece tuned to this option of Piagui tuning and the one tuned to 12 tet. That is why the available variant of Piagui scale where -6 cents work should be used for comparison purposes.
    I would like to know if you easily detected sound difference between Sonata 1 tuned to Piagui and 12 tet intonation, if not, the Piagui variant should be the final step.

  2. To Chris Vaisvil,
    Please tell me if you have easily detected clear sound differences between Sonata 1 in Piagui tuning and Sonata 1 in 12 tet intonation.

    As I commented, the six thresholds of -4 cents (Piagui tone cents minus the corresponding tet tone cents) of Piagui tuning might have not produced detectable chord and tone sound discrepances between Sonata 1 in Piagui tuning and Sonata 1 in 12 tet. Should the discrepances are tiny, the Piagui variant intonation, where positive +5.6 cent discrepances replace -4, should be used. The replacements which are limited to about +/- 8 cents work on the suitable tones of the basic Piagui scale, otherwise dissonance and other negative effects appear.

    A better step would have been the direct use of Piagui variant scale instead of the original one that works with -4 cents.

    I will be waiting for your response.
    March 16

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