Singing in Sevastopol (15 edo rock)


(it may take a little bit for the file to load and play)

Singing in Sevastopol is a heavy rock song in 15 edo. 3 guitar tracks (one with an octave divider)on my Ron Sword 15 edo guitar, vocal and drums. Please excuse my voice.

Crimea, a footnote in Russian Politics is a solo for 15 edo electric guitar that obeys no rules. Except that it was loud.

2 Responses to “Singing in Sevastopol (15 edo rock)”

  1. Ron says:

    Chris this is awesome someone had to do it sooner or later!!! The feedback wailing guitar 15-edo sound, that is!!!

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for the listen and comment Ron! I really the 15 edo metatonal guitar from your shop!

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