Simple Piano Piece in Blue Just Intonation

027crop Picture by Chris Vaisvil

Simple Piano Piece is a short composition in John O’Sullivan’s Blue JI tuning on my Linnstrument

xenharmonic wiki page for the tuning
Animated score below

4 Responses to “Simple Piano Piece in Blue Just Intonation”

  1. b0b says:

    When you improvise like this, are you able to hear the piece in the selected tuning as you play it? Or do you apply the tuning to the MIDI file afterwords?

  2. admin says:

    Hi b0b, for what I do in improvisation it is essential to work within the tuning. I hear the next note(s) I want to play or at least a tendency of the direction the music wants to go. I cannot imagine working in 12 and having it translate to 17 equal or Bohlen-Pierce with much success beyond the wildest coincidence. Tuning comparisons, while interesting intellectually, are a good demonstration of what cross tuning a piece does and mostly doesn’t do.

  3. John O'Sullivan says:

    Hi Chris, are you using a seven note subset of Blue JI in this piece and if so what scale is it? E.g. is it major or minor or something else? John.

  4. admin says:

    Hi John, if you watch the animated score you can see that I move between C major and G major, but using the alteration as a mode of C. I hope that answers your question.
    Best Regards,


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