Recomposing Decomposition A

Recomposing Decomposition A is an manipulated sound piece using the work of myself, Layton, Poirier, Moshier, Hamilton, Sanderson, Sundstrom, Smith, Samarkand, Hamilton, Oldani, and Sundstrom from ImprovFriday’s 12/15/2011 event. The piece was created by using a “prepared” midi controller with samples of piece by the above composers with effects triggered real time on a M-Audio 88es using Sonar X1’s Matrix view plus modified drum loops.

Spectrally Speaking is a piece that takes the manipulation further by using Paul’s Extreme Stretch to stretch the selected loops of the above composers using PES’ harmonic series filtering. The screen shot is of this resulting composition. The piece is a microtonal harmonic spectrum piece based on divisions of 1000Hz (1000, 500, 250, etc.).

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  1. Bill Newbold says:

    In Recomposing Decomposition A, minute 8 is very very interesting. I think it was all ambient till that point. Then the effects in minute 9 are also interesting, as I can hear this above the other two computers in the computer lab. (as we are all listening to different music.

    The effect in the lab as Spectrally Speaking” took over is like that of an alien mother-ship descending into the lab. Even if no-one really noticed the aliens entering our minds it was obvious that the whole lab was under “their” control. Even still I had expected the song to be beyond the thirty minute mark in time since you were using Paul’s Extreme Stretch Program.

    Me, I would of considered mixing these pieces to create a third piece, and maybe have done some more with the stereo separation in the second piece possibly set up a new oscillation for the stereo bend-bounce.


  2. admin says:

    If you’d like I would be happy to give you the tracks to work with. Just send an email and I’ll package it up for you and post it to the website. Best wishes! Chris

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