Prelude for Centaur Tuned Piano

This is a prelude for solo piano tuned in Kraig Grady’s Centaur tuning – the Just Intonation ratios are given in the score. The computer rendition from Sibelius & pianoteq did have some difficulty with rendering a proper accelerando so the tempo shifts are a bit abrupt. I am releasing the music and the score under Creative commons 3.0 license with the conditions of attribution, non-commercial applications only, and no derivative works. If you want to do any of that please talk to me.

Prelude for a Centaur Tuned Piano Audio

The prelude transcribed for Brass and Percussion
Score for Prelude for a Centaur Tuned Piano

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  1. Nice stuff Chris !!!!

  2. […] under the bus and forge on ahead. In a superficial fashion the form that piece does have resembles Prelude for a Centuar Tuned Piano. What turns out to be the unifying structure of the piece for me is the exchange of harmonic and […]

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