Piano Exercise in 15 Notes per Octave


Piano Exercise in 15 Notes per Octave is another attempt to write something playable for a piano student that has modest skills. The score is purposely scordatura because I think that notating in various microtonal accidentals is simply a burden when a person with a 12 equal midi controller and microtonal aware sound source set to 15 notes per octave (like a free Xen-Arts VSTi) can simply play the scare as if it was written for 12 equal but the sound will be in 15 equal and produce the microtonal music of the score. A note on the composition – it is a of a ABACC’ form with held chords as a sort of compositional ‘glue’.

The full score is here. Academic performance in a setting where a fee is charged is allowed. Any other commercial use without my permission is not. Please write me for permission in such a case, I haven’t told anyone no as of yet 🙂

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