phobos light

Phobos Light is a microtonal piano piece using Gene Ward Smith’s Hedgehog [14] of 22 edo scale. The piece bears a superficial resemblance to opening movement of “Moonlight” sonata by Beethoven. That was driven by the fact that I found this scale to be a bit hard to work with and obtained a handful of triads that I thought I could do something with. Since the melody sounded better in the bass instead of the treble over the arpeggios – viola! instant resemblance to Beethoven’s piece that is way too famous to escape. As the piece progresses that resemblance is removed so give this a bit of time if you are so inclined. Gene’s tuning as a scala file is here.

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  1. Michael Kasper says:

    Dear Chris,

    Thanks for posting. It sort of reminded me a little of “Moonlight” sonata by Beethoven, but there was a lot of added harmony or counterpoint changes you made that gave it a unique and distinct sound. Thanks for sharing!



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