Paul Evokes the Three Sides of Jude

Pablo Picasso's Les Demoiselles dAvignon 1907, cropped

Paul Evokes the Three Sides of Jude is a piece using Paul’s Extreme Stretch to create harmonic filtered processed pieces in the relationship of a just major 7th chord (1/1, 5/4, 3/2, 15/8). The original pieces were Jude Cowan’s Cauliflower, Carrot, and Runner Bean and Paul Muller’s Four Lines as posted on ImprovFriday’s March 22-24 event.

2 Responses to “Paul Evokes the Three Sides of Jude”

  1. Very striking piece – reminds me of cathedral bells chiming. Nice work!

  2. Michael Kasper says:

    Dear Chris,

    Really interesting textures, harmonies, and sounds. Really trance-like and trippy in a way. Very intellectually stimulating!



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