Well, you are not going to often hear a 70’s metal piece on this blog. I have to plead affection for genre as it is what I grew up with in my garage band days. In this piece I put to use my stratocaster copy strung up with “Not Even Slinky” string tuned to 4th lower than typical which meshes nicely with the 5 string bass whose bottom string is same B an octave below. I tried to sing Evan Harrington’s lyrics “Patriot” from 1993 but I have to admit that I still have trouble with the meter of the piece. Nonetheless the words are not something I see as being set in pretty prog rock piece šŸ™‚ Session drummer 3 provides the percussion and my Fender Mustang in standard tuning run through a Marshall amplifier provides the lead guitar.


05/29/93, EKH


Foreign thug policy for the regressive sake
Almighty influence to make
And to inforce
And to use an assemblage of course
Of conspirators getting old
While a tattered icon smoulders
A pleasing aroma to the hoard
And a certain Lord
Without remorse
Who else to carry the torch
From Managua to vanishing East Timor
To a place in the world we cannot hear anymore
Now I can tell you where my country lies:
Wherever there are spies
Even in spurts
Is where the truth hurts
Lift me up so I can see above the smoke
So I can breathe and you can choke


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