Muon Catalyzed Fusion

Muon Catalyzed Fusion is a composition in 13 edo using a Fender Mustang, Roland Gr-20, Fractal Tune Smithy, 12 and 14 inch Wuhan China cymbals recorded and mastered in Sonar X1. Written for Mike Battaglia.

Muon-catalyzed fusion (μCF) is a process allowing nuclear fusion to take place at temperatures significantly lower than the temperatures required for thermonuclear fusion, even at room temperature or lower. Although it can be produced reliably with the right equipment and has been much studied, it is believed that the poor energy balance will prevent it from ever becoming a practical power source. However, if muons (μ−) could be produced more efficiently, or if they could be used as catalysts more efficiently, the energy balance might improve enough for muon-catalyzed fusion to become a practical power source.

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