Little Green Wheels

Little Green Wheels is an piano improvisation in 22 EDT on an AXiS 49 in self-less mode and M-Audio 88es – that is 22 notes per a fifth and an octave combined. This is a really interesting tuning because not only is there the tritave identity the 1210 cent octaves, at least with a piano timbre, are quite usable too. In addition is seems made for playing on an AXiS 49 in self-less mode as many easy to remember musical key patterns emerged. Also I did a preliminary improvisation and the audio plus scoredatura midi file is here for you to do whatever: as 22edt-improvisation .mid and .mp3

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  1. Michael J. Kasper says:

    Dear Chris,

    I liked this quite a bit. Your themes were great, loved the change from melody to more chordal passages, the dynamics, and the ranges you used. Thanks for posting. Very nice!



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