LinnStrument as a Microtonal Controller – Split Mode

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Here is a short demonstration video of the split mode as implemented in the original Linnstrument. By using the split mode one can access all 200 pads. With a judicious selection of synthesizer and range one can extend a tuning well beyond the current midi standard of 128 notes. The short demonstration piece uses two non-octave tunings => 5/4 divided into 4 and 5/4 divided into 8 notes respectively.

2 Responses to “LinnStrument as a Microtonal Controller – Split Mode”

  1. b0b says:

    Fascinating! How sensitive is the Linnstrument regarding MIDI velocity? Does it have a dynamic range that can compare with acoustic instruments or a quality keyboard controller?

  2. admin says:

    Hi b0b, the Linnstrument can be set to be very sensitive. Watch this video where I trigger the linnsrument with a small apple

    The instrument has a very good dynamic range and it is a quality keyboard.

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