Let it Snow (manipulated poetry recitation and adaptive JI choir)


Let it Snow” is an processed semi-aleatoric composition for manipulated poetry recitation and Renaissance choral music in adaptive just intonation.

Poetry readings from PennSound
Howe-Fanny_05_Let-it-Snow_UPenn_3-23-00 (1)
Howe-Susan_3_Stage-Snow_Segue-Series_BPC_1-26-08 (2)
Kimmelman-Burt_15_The-Coming-Snow_2007 (3)
Lally-Michael_16_Snow-2_NY_3-12-78 (4)
Van-Doren-Mark_10_The-First-Snow-of-the-Year_Sleep,-Gr (5)

And I War a Maydyn by Anonymous (performed at a significantly slower tempo with only vowels)

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